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The California Society for Cardiac Rehabilitation's Mission Statement
 "We are dedicated to promoting health and wellness and preventing cardiovascular diseases through the dissemination of education for the benefit of health care professionals, clinical practice and the public at large."



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June 30, 2016




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Change is Coming! Are you ready?
(A letter from the CSCR Board of Directors)

To all Cardiac Rehab's in California:

CSCR is excited to update you on payment bundle and incentive information from the AACVPR conference!  It is a time of great change in insurance and a wonderful opportunity for Cardiac Rehab's to be at the forefront of positive change.  The emphasis is shifting from pay for service to pay for outcomes- that’s where we shine!

What you need to know:

  1.  Medicare has divided up the country into 298 MSA (Metropolitan Service Areas)
  2. Starting July 2017, 98 of these regions will be selected to participate in bundle payment programs for diagnoses of MI and CABG.  Dollar amounts have not yet been determined.
  3. There is also a Cardiac Rehab incentive plan where the referrer receives $25 additional per visit for sessions 1-11 and $175 for sessions 12-36.  This is above and beyond reimbursement.
  4. So there will be 4 types of payments:
    1. Bundle payment with incentive
    2. Bundle payment without incentive
    3. Standard claim payment with incentive
    4. Standard claim payment without incentive (business as usual)
    5. The time frame for the bundle is from date of discharge to 90 days post.  THIS MEANS that Cardiac Rehab's MUST act quickly to get patients in their programs in order to stay relevant.  Policies like "See you in 7" can help.  Ideas for implementation for this will be made available through CSCR as the date approaches.

What you can do:

  1. Make plan to improve processes in your department
    1. Referral to start date     
    2. Improving graduation rates
    3. Increasing referrals
    4. Reviewing your departments outcomes
    5. Set a time to speak with your hospital's administration
      1. Do not be a "basement program"! drive the conversation, be the force of change
      2. Become an expert regarding the upcoming changes.  Be an agent of solution, not a bearer of bad news
      3. Ask administrators how your department can remain relevant in a rapidly changing payment model
      4. Do your homework
        1. Watch for frequent updates from your CSCR team!
        2. Utilize AACVPR's many resources as they become available: www.aacvpr.org/r2r


CMS Webinar on the Bundled Payment Model and CR Incentive Program

Recently, CMS held a webinar regarding the proposed new payment models. Click here to review the slides from this presentation. Remember, the regulation could, and most likely will, change based on comments received in this public comment time period.



 32nd Annual CSCR State Conference- Alta Bates Medical Center, Berkeley

Please save the date for our Annual State Conference in Berkeley, CA.

March 23rd-25th, 2017



Member Only Events

Coming Soon!


 Networking Series 




 MAC Survey

Please read the following email regarding our local MAC jurisdiction

Dear CSCR member,

AACVPR is implementing a Task Force to coordinate, establish, renew, or improve communication with Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs). The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has deferred to MACs to interpret a number of clarifications regarding the Federal regulations for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation (CR & PR). There are twelve MAC contracts which are currently held by seven companies.


As a CSCR member you have access to a Task Force Liaison and a MAC Resource Group (which includes two CSCR members). In addition, AACVPR has developed a MAC web page. It’s vital that communication consistently flows two ways when information is needed and issues arise. AACVPR’s “national eye” on regulations and payment is advantageous for all of us.


To assist in setting up this vital communication link and developing priorities we ask that every program complete this quick, ten question survey. Click this link to view the electronic version the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YTXHLLZ


Thank you,

MAC Resource Group (MRG)


Finding the "N" Project- Part 2

The CSCR has been working closely with AACVPR in identifying all the cardiac rehab programs within the nation. We have successfully completed this process and have discovered that there are 2,685 programs. We are now trying to establish the individuals who work in these programs. During the next few months a representative from CSCR will be contacting your program. We are asking that someone in your program fill out the survey linked below. It is important to note that you do not have to provide work contact info (it can be skipped) and that all information received will remain strictly confidential. This information is important to help us better understand our profession so that we may design better programs, offerings, and educational events. Anyone from your program can fill this survey out.






  Thank You to Our Sponsors!

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View a description of the scope and purpose of Cardiac Rehab, including support research.

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In the News

Board of Directors Strategic Planning Meeting

On 10/15/16 the CSCR board of directors (BOD) met at Citrus Valley Medical Center in Covina, CA for their annual strategic planning meeting. This meeting is critical to the success and future of the organization. Thank you CSCR board of directors! We are excited for what you have planned for 2017.



Northern California Networking Meeting- John Muir Medical Center

Thank you all who attended our N. California Networking meeting hosted by John Muir Medical Center. We hope you enjoyed the talk by Dr. Carolyn Lacey about Takotsubo Syndrome and Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD). More events are being planned. Please be on the lookout for more updates!



Featured Program of Month (September-October)

Congratulations to the Stead Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center for being chosen as the program of the month for (September-October).

The Stead Cardiac Rehabilitation program has served the community for over 30 years, and to this day several of the original members are still actively participating in the program. The three phases of cardiac rehabilitation offers patients a continuum of care from admission to the hospital throughout their medical intervention, and into their final phases of recovery and maintenance following their discharge home.

The program was one of the first to receive the AACVPR certification in CA.(2000). The Stead Cardiac Rehabilitation program has upheld this certification ever since, signifying the program's dedication to offer the highest standard of services to our community. The Stead Cardiac Rehabilitation program has evolved into an outcome based program committed to providing the best of care for its patients, and we participate in the national registry to enhance our ongoing performance in HgA1c levels, PHQ-9 scores, exercise endurance, QOL, and lipid panel results. The program's customer service remains exemplary as proven by the various awards they have received.

In February, 2016 the program relocated from the basement of the hospital to the new and beautiful Robert and Beverly Lewis Outpatient Pavilion. The pavilion is the latest addition to PVHMC. With a view of the San Gabriel Mountains, the new location provides a sense of tranquility as one improves their health and well-being. Patient's also enjoy the camaraderie the program offers and have the option of attending Heart to Heart, a support group for those affected by cardiovascular disease.

The Stead Cardiac Rehabilitation program has seen growth of over 50% in the past year, and looks forward to continued growth in the future while still offering their patients the very best care throughout their recovery and beyond. Congratulations to the Stead Cardiac Rehabilitation program. If you would like to nominate a program to be considered as the featured program of the month please email CSCR Secretary, Margo Stanfa, at mstanfa@mail.cvhp.org




Northern California Networking Meeting- UC Davis

Thank you all who attended our N. California networking event hosted by UC Davis. We hope you enjoyed guest speaker, Debra Fishman PsyD., talk about the Psychosocial Management of the Cardiac Rehab Patient. Special shout out to CSCR Northern Representative Reggie Higashi for organizing this great event.



Affiliate Leadership Workshop- Chicago, IL

CSCR was well represented at this meeting of over 30 state and national leaders in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. This yearly meeting provides useful education and tools to leaders of state organizations. We were fortunate enough this year to send CSCR President- Mark Enrico and President-Elect- Maia Jost.




Southern CA Networking Meeting- Pomona, CA

Thank you all who attended our Southern California networking meeting at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. We have several more planned throughout the state this year. Please be on the lookout for updates coming soon.


31st Annual State Conference- "Heart of the Matter"

The annual state conference held at Saint Agnes Medical Center in Fresno, CA was a huge success! Thank you to Maia Jost (President-Elect and Conference Chair) and her wonderful co-workers for putting on a great event. To receive your BRN and AACVPR CEUs please make sure you fill out the evaluation form. We will post more pictures of this event as they become available.

- CSCR President (Mark Enrico, BS, EP, CCRP) and Conference Chair/President-Elect (Maia Jost, MS, EP, CCRP)



AACVPR News &Views- Feb/Mar

Check out the latest edition featuring CSCR President Mark Enrico weighing in on business challenges and resources. Click on the link below:

News & Views- Feb/Mar


Northern California Networking Meeting

-hosted by Tanya Earls and Lori Turner of John Muir Medical Center





2015 AACVPR Conference Update

presented by Mark Enrico, CSCR President


2015 Board of Directors Strategic Planning Meeting w/AACVPR President, Adam deJong


 30th Annual "Pearls of Wisdom" State Conference Video


 CHF Updates

 Catch the latest news regarding CHF . . . CMS Updates


Benefit of Cardiac Rehab. for LVAD patients . . . Rehab. After LVAD



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