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How to Enroll In a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program


Participating in a Cardiac Rehab program requires a physician order. However the request to start in a Cardiac Rehab program may be started by a patient or a family member.


If you are interested in enrolling in a Cardiac Rehab program, contact your Cardiologist or Primary Care Physician to obtain an order to start Cardiac Rehabilitation.


If you have any questions or concerns, just contact a convenient Cardiac Rehab center (Programs) and ask for their help. Cardiac Rehabilitation programs are happy to work with individuals in obtaining their physician’s order to participate.


The Cardiac Rehab team wants to provide the best possible care for each person coming to the program. In order to do that safely and effectively, they will want to know as much as possible about each person before they start exercising.


Medical Records

To accomplish this, the Cardiac Rehab team will need copies of your medical record that pertain to your heart problem. Many of the records will be obtained by the Cardiac Rehab team directly from your physician’s office or from the hospital. Some records you may be asked to provide. These medical records may include:

          Cardiac tests which may include:


                   Stress Tests


                   Heart catheterizations

          Recent blood test results which may include:

                   Cholesterol Panel


                   Hematocrit and Hemoglobin

                   Blood Glucose (sugar)         

          Medical Records from recent hospitalizations which may include:

                   Operation reports

                   Hospitalization discharge summary


                   Recent physician History and Physicals and office visit notes


Admission Assessment

After your records are obtained, you will have an Admission Assessment with a member of the Cardiac Rehab team prior to starting the exercise classes. It is during the Admission Assessment that your individualized Cardiac Rehab plan will be developed.


During this Assessment your health history, current health situation and your personal Cardiac Risk Factors will be discussed. Your current medications, physical and emotional health, physical ability, family and social support as well as your physician’s orders will be discussed.


You will be given guidelines about safe use of the exercise equipment and how each daily class is organized. Financial information will be discussed so there are no questions or concerns about your insurance coverage and personal co-pays.  Your Admission Assessment is the best time to set your goals for your participation in Cardiac Rehab.

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