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Our History, Mission, & Objectives

Our History - The Making of a State Organization

Behind many beginnings, there are interesting stories. The history of CSCR’s beginnings is no exception. In the fall of 1980, two meetings took place – one in Northern California and one in Southern California. At each, the need for a regional or statewide organization to better meet the needs of Cardiac Rehabilitation was discussed. The meetings were held almost simultaneously – just one day apart, yet neither group was aware of what the other was doing!

The Southern California meeting took place in Loma Linda, with a group of interested Cardiac Rehabilitation health professional attending. Lynn Tripp, Barbara Gray, Judy Palesky and Barbara Lundsford organized another meeting. Marge Patzer, Marge Cordova and Pat Dietrich joined them in Stockton to discuss the possible need for a state Cardiac Rehabilitation organization. They developed a letter to be sent out to various Cardiac Rehabilitation programs.

When the Southern California group received this information, they contacted the Northern California group. When the two regions met at John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek, energy abounded. Many ideas were formulated and a state organization was born!

The California Society for Cardiac Rehabilitation held its first official board meeting in the spring of 1981. Bylaws were further developed and CSCR was incorporated on June 17, 1983. In addition to state officers, the Northern California and Southern California chapters have in-state regional officers. California's size dictates continued regional meetings to meet the needs of CSCR members throughout the year.

The past 34 years have seen tremendous growth for CSCR. Much more is planned for the future, but it will only happen with continued enthusiasm and support for this very important organization.

Mission Statement

The California Society for Cardiac Rehabilitation is dedicated to promoting health and wellness and preventing cardiovascular diseases through the dissemination of education for the benefit of health care professionals, clinical practice and the public at large.


  1. To provide education for health care professionals working in Cardiac Rehabilitation
  2. To promote public awareness of the nature of Cardiac Rehabilitation services available
  3. To promote scientific research in Cardiac Rehabilitation
  4. To provide ongoing communication and networking opportunities to members
  5. To advance the standards of care in Cardiac Rehabilitation through ongoing development of Resource and Outcomes Management
  6. To obtain and disseminate information regarding reimbursement for Cardiac Rehabilitation
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